Best Led strip lights in 2021

Best Led strip lights in 2021

All you need to know about led strip lights before buy

First of all, we will provide you a simple definition for led strip lights. In general, led strip lights are the latest form of lighting.

On the other hand, there are many varieties of led strip lights. But, most of them have the following common characteristics.

  • Come with many single-led emitters on a circuit board.
  • Available in fixed colour and a variety of colours.
  • Have the ability to operate on low voltage power.
  • It can be divided into small parts.

We will discuss the critical areas of a led strip light in detail through this article.

Led strip lights
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How led strip lights work? Installation Process

Now we will provide you a simple approach to install led strip lights. On the other hand, we will provide simple steps to do this easily.

01. First clean the surface

First, you need to dry and clean the surface to place the led strip lights. Sometimes the place you want to keep the lights may be wet or not suitable.

A place where your babies can easily access is not a good option here. On the other hand, an area usually gets wet quickly is also not good.

Therefore you need to be careful and mindful when selecting a suitable place for placing the led strip.

Apart from that, the place you choose needs to be smooth and stable too.

02. Place the led strip light on the surface

Then you need to unroll the led strip and place it on the surface. Here you need to press each strip firmly on the surface. This is to get rid of any air bubbles that may form on the strip.

On the other hand, you can easily use clips to make it firm. Fixing clips will help the led strip lights to stay in place. In addition, you can also screw the clip to the surface for extra security.

03. Connect the strip

You are almost done. It is not that complex when you find the right approach.

So, after you stick the strip to the surface, you can connect it to a power adopter. Then, you can plug it easily.

So, that is all my friend. Now you can see the led strip lights lighting. On the other hand, you can also change the color of the lights using the remote controller.

How led strip lights work
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Why led strip lights flicker?

This is one of the typical situations you need to face after installation. This is a nightmare you need to face after the installation process.

On the other hand, you may feel disappointed when you experience this after doing all the hard work. There are many reasons for this flickering effect of led strip lights.

Now, we will look at some of the significant reasons why led strip lights flicker.

Compatibility issues of Downlight and Dimmer

This is one of the most common issues for flickering. Here the issue arises when the downlights and dimmer are not matched.

On the other hand, many tend to use old dimmers when connecting with led downlights. This will undoubtedly cause compatibility issues and start flickering. You need to test this first before you connect it directly.

The testing will confirm the compatibility, and you can connect or replace them accordingly.

Above all, you need to use LED dimmers for LED downlights. On the other hand, we recommend you purchase quality dimmers always. It may cost somewhat higher than the normal ones.

But, it will stay for an extended period. Therefore, buying low-quality cheap dimmers will always be a loss for you regarding money, time, and satisfaction.

Compatibility issues of Downlight and Dimmer
Best Led strip lights in 2021 17

Loose connection issues

This also another common issue for flickering. This happens when you fit the bulbs loosely.

Here when you do not connect the bulb firmly, any movement of the bulb will cause flickering. On the other hand, LED downlights also can get loose after some time. So, you need to screw them properly.

In addition, you need to be very careful when handling and fixing the bulbs. They will crack if you press them hard. On the other hand, we always recommend you to use a pair of gloves as there can be radiation from led strip lights.

Dust in the sockets

This is one of the common things that can happen. Dust will collect on the bulbs and can get into the sockets.

Therefore, you need to clean the dust collected on the bulbs regularly. Many wonders why led strip lights flicker without any electrical issue. This will not come into your mind when you think about the cause of this.

Naturally, dust collects on devices and equipment. So, you need to wipe them properly on a regular basis. On the other hand, we suggest you unscrew the bulbs first before cleaning the sockets.

It will provide you the opportunity to clean both the bulbs and the sockets better. Above all, always remember to turn off the power before cleaning the sockets to avoid any electrical accidents.

Dust in the sockets
led strip lights, blue color, close up

Issues of electrical wiring

Loose electrical wiring can be another major issue for your led strip lights to flicker.

Sometimes, you may wonder about the reason behind flickering.

After cleaning the sockets and bulbs, your led strip lights should stop flickering if appropriately connected.

If it is still flickering, you need to get the assistance of an electrician to fix the wiring issues.

Led strip lights for ceiling

Led strip lights for the ceiling can undoubtedly add more color and elegance to your home. Now, we will provide some of the common features and the best types of led strip lights you can choose for your ceiling.

Features of led strip lights for ceiling

We suggest checking the following features when buying led strip lights for the ceiling.

01. Safety

The prices of LED lights for the ceiling are relatively higher. So, we need to check the safety and warranty of the product before buying.

02. Brightness

Do you know the main feature of the led strip light? It is the brightness. On the other hand, the brightness of led bulbs mainly depends on the following factors,

The watt power of the led strip

Number of LED’s per meter

LED output

03. Dim nature

The dimmable feature is another key feature you need to look at when purchasing led strips. The brightness and the LED strips are adjustable.

Types of led strip lights for ceiling

Here you need to check and choose the most suitable led type for your ceiling. There are smart WIFI LED strip lights in the market.

On the other hand, there are LED lights that work well with Alexa too. Apart from that, there are some led strip lights waterproof too available in the market.

Therefore, you need to purchase the most suitable one according to your requirement and the nature of your ceiling.

Determining the input voltage and power supply of led strip lights

Most led strip lights to operate at 12V or 24V DC. On the other hand, you need to provide power capacity to light the led strips.

Now, we will provide you a simple formula to determine the power of led strip lights.

Power – LED power (per ft) * LED strip length (per ft)

You can easily find the power draw on the LED strip sheet inside the package.

Tips to check the LED strip quality

Now, we will provide you some vital tips and features to check when you are purchasing led strip lights from the market. On the other hand, you may find it challenging to get the best quality products when there are so many in the market.

Therefore, look for these features before you make the purchasing decision.

  • Quantity and quality – the efficiency and the quality of LED mainly depend on the LED emitters. So, we always recommend you check the quality and the specification of the emitters before purchasing.
  • Strip surface – The quality of the surface of a led strip is essential. On the other hand, it will determine the quality of the led strip lights too.
  • In addition, high-quality led strips have extra white paint. This will increase the light output of the strip too.
  • Quality of the circuit board – You need to check the capacity and the quality of the circuit board when purchasing led strip lights. High levels of electricity travel through high-quality led strips. So, here the quality of your circuit board is essential for the smooth running of the led strip.

Summary of article Best Led strip lights in 2021

We hope that we have provided some vital information about led strip lights through this article. On the other hand, we provided a simple installation process for all of you.

You can overcome many of the challenges you face while installing led strips using our process. On the other hand, we have provided significant reasons for the flickering nature of the led strips. Apart from that, we also provided the solutions you need to take to solve this issue too.

Then we described the things you need to keep in mind when purchasing led strip lights for various needs.

So, we suggest all of you follow this article and purchase the best and the most suitable led strip lights for all your needs without any difficulty.

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