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LED Aluminium Profile + PC Diffuser (LED Excluded)
Length : 2 Meters
Diffuser : White PC Diffuser – Pressing Type
Dimensions (mm) : 17×15
Accessories: End Caps with Hole, End Caps without Hole, Clips (End Caps and Clips Excluded)
LED Options : 3528 LED Strip 120LED/M, 2835 LED Strip 120LED/M, COB LED Strips

  Free shipping when you spend 300AED and above on express items

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Product Overview: LED Aluminum Profile with PC Diffuser

This product is an LED aluminum profile with a white PC diffuser designed to house and diffuse light from various types of LED strips. It is ideal for a wide range of lighting applications, offering a sleek and modern lighting solution.

Key Components and Features

  1. Aluminum Profile:
    • Material: High-quality aluminum, ensuring durability and efficient heat dissipation.
    • Length: 2 meters, suitable for a variety of installations.
    • Dimensions: 17 mm (width) x 15 mm (height), providing ample space for different types of LED strips.
  2. PC Diffuser:
    • Type: White PC (polycarbonate) diffuser, pressing type for easy installation.
    • Function: Diffuses the light emitted from the LED strips, ensuring smooth and even light distribution while reducing glare.
  3. Accessories (Excluded):
    • End Caps with Hole: Allow for wire passage.
    • End Caps without Hole: Provide a clean finish at the profile ends.
    • Clips: Used for mounting the aluminum profile securely.
  4. LED Strip Compatibility:
    • 3528 LED Strip (120 LEDs/m): Suitable for general lighting with moderate brightness.
    • 2835 LED Strip (120 LEDs/m): Offers higher brightness and efficiency.
    • COB LED Strips: Provides a continuous line of light without visible hotspots, ideal for creating seamless lighting effects.


  • Profile Length: 2 meters (2000 mm)
  • Profile Dimensions: 17 mm (width) x 15 mm (height)
  • Diffuser Type: White PC, pressing type
  • LED Options:
    • 3528 LED Strip (120 LEDs/m)
    • 2835 LED Strip (120 LEDs/m)
    • COB LED Strips


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