Dual Lamp LED Grow Lights


Power: 20W
Actual Power: 8W
Input Voltage: DC5V 2A (USB)
Power factors:>0.9
Lamp Beads: 13pcs red 660nm and 7pcs blue 460nm
Materials: Aluminum covered with Plastic
Length : Flexible Tube 39cm/Lamp Tube 30cm
Applicable: Filling Light for Indoor Plants

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20W 40 LEDs with a timer feature, you don’t need to think about failing to switch off the light because it will automatically turn off after 3 hours / 9 hours / 12 hours of work.

For each LED post, the LED growth light fitted with 40 good quality LEDs offers different illuminations that cover more extensively and more brightly and these LED beads can last longer than average thanks to good quality LEDs. It changes flexible position according to plant position with flexible and adjustable arm so that red-blue illumination will correctly cover various plants and it will not squeeze and damage plants thanks to the flexible and durable light arm.


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