LED Strip Lights are a powerful lighting solution can be stuck almost anywhere and is a wonderfully versatile way to create lighting effects. LED Strips are so popular now as they offer a cost-efficient way to light your space and projects. We can use it for Ceiling lighting, Cabinet lighting, wall lighting, staircase lighting, TV lighting, LED room decoration and so on! Here we have defined 10 creative ideas that you can work on using LED strip lights.

01. LED Strip Lights for Wall lighting

Looking for lighting up your wall? LED Strip Lights are the best option!

In fact, walls are the most common area where LED Strip Lights are used to illuminate a space. Below are the various ways in which you can use LED Strip lights to illuminate walls:

  • Recessed Wall Lighting
  • Surface Mounted Wall Lighting
  • Decorative Wall Lighting

02. LED Strip Lights for Staircase Lighting

Your staircase will look grander when it is stylishly lit. LED strips are a great way to light your stairs because they are small in size, flexible, and completely safe. They are also easy to install so you won’t have to hire professional help to put in staircase lighting in your space.

Lighting your stairs is also a great way to make them look wider. You can choose to go with any color you like but we find classic colours like warm and cool white to work the best when it comes to staircase lighting.

03. LED Strip Lights for Ceiling Lighting

LED strips are commonly used for lighting ceilings because they are available in a number of sizes and can be installed as recessed, surface mounted, or pendant lights. Their ability to be controlled through wireless remote controllers makes LED light strips an attractive choice for ceiling lighting. When it comes to ceiling lighting with LED light strips, your imagination is the limit.   

04. LED Strip Lights for Cabinet Lighting

May it be in your kitchen, your office, shop display case, or even warehouse shelves, under cabinet lighting can be seen everywhere. LED light strips are the best way to get the desired lighting effect as they are just the right size and flexibility to fit into tight corners.

Cabinet lighting is a great way to add space and light to any corner or cabinet. This technique is used in kitchens and bathrooms to make them look wider and more open. You can replicate the same effect by using LED light strips under your cabinets.

05. LED Strip Lights for Vanity Mirror Lighting

Mirrors are an important part of any home and they need to be lit properly. There are various LED strip ideas for mirrors as they take very little space to install and can provide high luminosity. They are also available in a number of sizes. 

06. LED Strip Lights for Signage and Advertisement Lighting

Nowadays, you can see many LED lights ideas, such as creative 3D billboards and hoardings illuminated by different LED strips. LED strips are flexible, economical, and easy to maintain. Creative designers and advertisers no longer have to worry about designing Ads around lighting limitations.

LED strips make it easier to backlight big and small advertisement displays. You can also use colour-changing LED strip lights to make your signs pop.

07. LED Strip Lights for Stage Design Lighting

Stage lighting is an important part of any event. Be it a formal event, a runway show, a theatre performance, or a concert, stage lighting plays an important role in its success. LED Strip Lights are a great way to light stages as they are versatile and can run for hours without consuming much energy. They are flexible enough to reach places that traditional sources of light simply cannot. 

With regards to stage lighting you can utilize LED strips in various manners. You can utilize diffused LED strips to backdrop illumination screens and platform. BRIGHT UK RGB and LED strip lights can be utilized to feature key zones of the stage. BRIGHT UK LED strips can be utilized for background and spotlight lighting.

08. LED Strip Lights for Backlighting Televisions

This is the youth’s favourite led strips project! Backlighting your TV screens is a great way to add to the overall style of your TV and your room. LED strip lights are flexible and safe so you can easily install them on the backside of your TVs without worrying about damage or interference. This is a great way to create an aesthetic piece of lighting, especially when your TV is turned off.

Backlighting TV screens is a fairly easy process. You can choose from a variety of different coloured LED light strips and even colour-changing ones. 

09. LED Strip Lights for Car Lighting

Add style and personality to your cars by installing LED strips in key places inside and outside your car. LED strips can be easily powered by the engine of the car, they are easy to install, and safe to use. Additionally they make your vehicles look all the all the more engaging. With regards to vehicle adjustments you can let your innovativeness take off.

When it comes to car lighting you can do so much. You can choose to highlight the interior of your car or do aesthetic under lighting that will make your car glow. You can choose colors that complement your car’s overall aesthetic or keep it simple and classic and go with white light. You can do the same with led strip lighting for trucks.

10. LED Strip Lights for Commercial Shelf Lighting

Every commercial and retail space has shelves to display the various items being sold. These shelves vary in size, shape, and design but one thing they all share in common is great lighting. The shelves have to be well-lit to properly display the items being sold. This is where LED strips come in handy. They are a great way to light commercial shelves because they are cost-efficient and allow you to be as creative with your design as you want.

LED strips can be used on shelves as is or they can be house in profiles and extrusions that protect the strips and add to their style.

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