LED Tube Lights

Welcome to our LED Tube Lights.

Bright UK LED Tube Light is new environmental friendly product, using high efficacy and high color rendering index LED as light source, working under low voltage and temperature, safe and reliable. LED tube light is same with traditional fluorescent in appearance and size, while much more energy saving, environmental friendly and longer lifespan. Normal working hour of LED tube light is over 50,000. It is easy for installation, can directly replace the traditional tubes, cost effective and convenient to use.

LED tube lights are an exciting, and rapidly evolving, the replacement for traditional fluorescent tube lights. Because of the efficiency and very long life of LED lighting systems, they offer dramatically reduced operating costs over the lifetime of a bulb. In addition, they do not contain the harmful mercury and phosphorus found in fluorescent bulbs, making them even more eco-friendly.See our LED Track lights and Led Garden lights sections also.

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