LED Pool Lights

LED Under Water pool Lights.Replace your old under water pool lights with LED pool lights.Energy efficient lighting solutions in pool lights.

LED pool lights are the new standard in swimming pool lighting design. A completely new concept in LED pool lighting. Swimming pool lighting adds a special touch to a pool and livens up a garden at night. One of the main disadvantages of incandescent bulbs are it consumes energy from 300 to 500 watts, whereas energy usage in LED bulbs only 42 watts which means consuming less energy and they can easily change the mood in your pool.It is also eco-friendly. Lights are available in different sizes and brightness levels. Having an adequate amount of lighting in and around your pool is a necessity if you plan to use the pool at night. Our experienced qualified service staff is available to help you with all of your lighting problems and concerns. lighting your pool will allow you to take full advantage of your pool both day and night. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality energy efficient lighting for all residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Nowadays lighting of water in pools, foundations or in underwater can be found commonly in Dubai, UAE.

We are engaged in supplying of LED fixture made of 316 Stainless Steel and Aluminium for Water Body, Swimming pool lighting application.

Available wattages in pool lights : 1w,  3w,  6w,  9w,  12w,  15w,  18w,  27w Colour Of Lights:
Warm White led Lighitng 2400K to 3500k
Day Lights Led 3500K to 4500K
Cool Lights led Lighitng 5500K to 6500K
Clinical White Led Lighting 6500K to 7500k

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