Exit signs are the smart sustainable solution for photo luminescent Exit, Emergency Evacuation and Safety signage needs.  In an emergency situation, life or death is often determined by the crucial decision of which direction to head for safety. This critical decision has to be made in a matter of seconds, and every inch of the path directly affects the final outcome. Exit Sign technology provides the longest most reliable, luminous and unambiguous exit path during a natural or man-made disaster resulting in fires. Exit signs glow in the dark and reduce panic by providing directional exit way finding, and points of reference instilling confidence, minimizing injuries and speeding up evacuations.

Exit signs are denoting the location of the closest emergency exit in case of fire or other emergency. Exit signs can save life.Exit signs are designed to be absolutely unmistakable and understandable to anyone. The biggest problem was that the exit sign was hardly distinguishable from an ordinary safety lighting fixture commonly installed above doors in the past. The problem was partially solved by using red-tinted globes instead. Exit signs were more visible due to large letters, even a 60-watt incandescent bulb shining through a plastic or glass cover could appear somewhat dim under certain conditions. Incandescent bulbs are still in use because they are cheap and common.LED exit signs provide the best balance of safety, low maintenance, and very low energy usage compared to other exit sign technologies.We have large collection of exit sign and emergency exit signs

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