LED Down Light

LED Downlights seem to be latest trends in the world. LED downlights are extremely energy efficient.COB LED downlights &SMD LED downlights use about 85% less energy than incandescent downlights and about 50% less energy than compact fluorescent downlights. The term downlight came by the light fixture installed in the hole of the ceilings. These downlights also known as recessed lights.

The surface mounted Downlights produce radiant light at an incredibly low price rate. The easy to install Downlights are characterized by their sleek design and are powerfully built to illuminate a host of environments. Fire rated downlights have the advantage of preventing a fire from spreading between floors if a hole is cut into the ceiling. Round shape downlights come in different types in different price range. Halogen bulbs are most commenly used in down lights. As the light is generated electronicaly, there is no heat is produced in down lights. Another advantage of down lights are they are mercury free. Flat sheet of plaster board reduces the amount of time that a ceiling can withstand fire and also reduces the spread of fire.It is safer than traditional lighting solutions, LED downlights produce far less heat than traditional lighting methods, doing far less damage to the fixture itself. Downlights are perfect for work lighting especially in places where a lot of nice and bright light is required. WE have large collection of new products like pixel LED, pendant lights etc in our Dubai, UAE showroom with reasonable prices.

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