IP67 4.5W LED Highpower Module



Power : 4.5W
Color : White,Neutral White
Input Voltage: DC 12V
Beam Angle : 175°
No. of Leds : 4
Luminous Intensity: 500 LM
Quantity per Roll/Chain : 15 Modules
IP Grade : IP67
Dimensions (mm) : 165 * 26 * 9

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BoxBack Wide 500

  • Model No : M24GW34D
  • Part No : B1321-28/4

Areas of application

  • Signage and illuminated advertising
  • Backlighting of channel letters and light box
  • best for 80mm to 250mm depth (3inch to 10inch)

Product main benefits

  • Uniform and efficient illumination at high LED module distance thanks to new wide lens design
  • 4 modules in 1 square meter light box can get excellent optical performance

Additional product information

  • Installation of LED modules (with power supplies) needs to be made under consideration of all valid regulations and norms.
  • Installation by qualified electrician only.
  • Parallel connection is mandatory for safe electrical operation. Serial connection of LED modules is discouraged. Unbalanced
    voltage drop in serial connection can cause hazardous overload
  • Electrical contact is achieved with the contact cables or the terminals of the module. Please refer to the technical data for Bright 4IN1 High Power Module-min
    maximum number of LED modules that can be operated on one control gear.
  • To avoid mechanical damage, the LED modules have to be attached securely to the intended mounting surface. It is
    recommended to avoid heavy vibration.
  • LED modules are dimmable by means of PWM (pulse width modulation).

IP67 4.5W LED Highpower Module 

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