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Bright Indoor Led Power Supply (Led Driver) – Constant Voltage Type



  Free shipping when you spend 300AED and above on express items

About this LED power supply (LED driver, switching power supply)

This LED power supply has mainly consisted of five parts:
1) Electromagnetic Interference network
2) Rectifier filter
3) Built-in Pulse Width Modulation unit
4) Switch for energy transform
5) Low ESR Pulse Width Modulation output devices

Our high efficiency LED power supply provides you stable power output with stable current, 100% burn-in tested, and interference of
the fluctuation from input current which is beneficial for the life span of LED appliances.

Product Features

  • Over-load / over-current / short circuit protection
  • Able to work under 100% full loading continuously
  • Comply with international power consumption standard of stand by status
  • Input electric current suger resisting ( 5 seconds under 300VAC input )
  • Choose 105℃ electrolytic capacitor, suitable for tough work condition
  • High working efficiency, energy saving
  • Compact size and easy installation
  • Waterproof types are suitable for outdoor use, waterproof rate: IP67

Installation and working environments

  • The input voltage must fall into 170~250VAC (some models are able to work under 100~250VAC input) 50/60HZ
  • Do not overload, also avoid free of load while a power supply is powered on, keep proper loading
  • Always keep good ventilation as below indicated
  • NO wood or flammable surface mounting, keep min. 5CM for power supplies each other
  • Keep away from inflammable or explosive environments


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